Smoke Testing

Smoke TestingIn sewer maintenance or general plumbing, smoke testing refers to the process of forcing non-toxic, artificially created smoke through waste and drain pipes under a slight pressure to find leaks. This is done so to form plumes of smoke where there are defects. This test can be performed when the plumbing is brand new, but more often it is used to find sewer gas leaks that may plague a building or an area. Any sign of smoke escaping can be considered a possible site for sewer gas to escape. Sewer gas typically has a rotten egg smell and can contain methane gas, which is explosive, or hydrogen sulfide gas, which is deadly. Therefore, it is clear to see how smoke testing is necessary to keep disaster away.

Plumbing smoke tests are also used to find places where pipes will spill fluid, and to check sanitary sewer systems for places where ground water and storm runoff can enter. Smoke testing is particularly useful in places such as ventilated sanitary sewer systems, where completely sealing the system is not practical.

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