Sewer Line Inspection (CCTV)

A CCTV sewer line inspection is a process in which a camera sent through a pipeline to locate sources of blockage, rust, and holes located in sewer pipes.


Issues such as these are important to deal with quickly when they arise. These damages can, over time, have adverse on pipelines and can lead to much more expensive issues down the road.


CCTV sewer line inspection is diagnostic for most of our clients.  We provide them with the information used to uncover pipeline issues. Once identified, 3R acts as an advisor for the best solution for problems that come up. We even help our clients with everything from point repair to re-applying pipelining.


Our pipe service provides our clients with a video and PCAP report of the inspection. Our reports diagnose state your system, helping you to accurately plan for all maintenance required. Here's an example of one of our reports:

CCTV Inspection - PACP 6.0 Report



Using PCAP 6.0 reporting and process we identify areas of failure to prevent future issues. With 25 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that 3R will get the job done right.


Some common issues that we are able to identify include:

  • Pipe Damage
    • Cracks
    • Breakage
    • Offset Joints
  • FOG Issues
  • Sediment Build Up
  • Roots


All Terrain CCTV

Are your pipelines in hard to reach areas? We can help.

Mobile CCTV Unit - Built Onto Off Road Vehicle


Because sewer and drainage pipes tend to follow the lay of the land they can often end up around creeks, streams and other flood-prone areas.


As a result, many sewer inspection companies aren't able to service pipes that are off the beaten path.


Some of our CCTV systems are custom built on light-weight 4WD all-terrain vehicles, allowing us to reach just about any sewer line.


Here's an example of an area that we were able to access with our all-terrain vehicle:

Mobile CCTV Unit - Muddy Terrain


Notice how deep and watery this mudded area this is. The picture above is right next to a creek which has caused regular accessibility issues for the client.


I mean, could you imagine trying to get a standard CCTV unit through this area? For most sewer inspection companies, this is an accident waiting to happen.


We were able to solve this client's issue and get to all points of their sewer system. If you would like a quote or have any questions for us, we can be reached by email at or by phone at (864) 848-1312.


Right of Way Clearance and Access

If the right of way to your sewer lines is impeded by overgrowth we can help.


Some of the equipment we have at our disposal are bush hogs, bulldozers, and excavators. After the area is cleared we can build dirt or gravel roads for more permanent access.


Give us a Call.

If you would like a quote or have any questions for us, we can be reached by email at or by phone at (864) 848-1312.