Industrial Contractor

We offer a wide variety of cleaning and facility maintenance services as an industrial contractor.  A few of our recent projects include: cleaning a reactor containing 1,200 gallons of hardened glue, vacuuming bagels from the crawl space of a 120-foot bakery oven, unclogging and cleaning sewer pipes, and much more.

We are able to work during off-hours or during plant shutdown periods.  All projects are closely coordinated with our clients’ specific needs and requirements, are organized, planned, and scheduled to create as little disruption as possible to their normal production operations.

Our wide variety of equipment and procedures give us an advantage that translates into a quicker turnaround and a lower cost. Key equipment includes vacuum trucks, roll-off trucks/boxes, dredges, and centrifuge.

Waste Management

We are a full-service waste management company. We offer hazardous and non-hazardous disposal coordination, as well as a transportation and disposal company. Formed at the request of local industrial, governmental and concerned citizen groups who saw a need for the efforts. A group of professionals was assembled and a management team and corporation were formed to meet these needs. Since then, we have proudly been serving ours and other communities for over 25 years.

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Hydro Excavation

Proper excavating around utility lines is beneficial for the community, the client, and the contractor. Consequently, it is quickly becoming the preferred method by utility operators.

Industrial Contractor - Hydro Excavation Services

However, through hydro excavating processes the safety of the operator is vastly improved as he or she can work on the surface out of the excavated hole. For that reason, the risk of accidental trench cave-ins is virtually eliminated.

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We provide centrifuge and pressing services in settling ponds associated with wastewater treatment system surface impoundments. We can handle all sizes of storage tanks. We will use our specialized equipment to reduce the costs for transportation and disposal of tank waste. Floating dredges utilize cable and winch conveyance systems to easily move across surface impoundments for precise waste removal operations.

With dredging capabilities up to 21 feet, waste can be pumped great distances to the dewatering system location and processed with recessed chamber presses as well as membrane presses. Our Dino Six Dredge save you money by providing you with a service that is without the hassle and free of heavy, clumsy equipment.

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