Frac Tanks for Rent

Frac Tanks for Rent
A few of our frac tanks being used to complete a barge job.

There are numerous reasons to use frac tanks as the equipment to meet your on-site storage needs. Matt Daigle's article, The Many Benefits of a Frac Tank In Industrial Use, is a great read if you are considering whether or not they are the right piece of equipment for your job. Frac tanks can be used for storage of liquids on-site and are compatible with pumps, dewatering units, filters, chemical treatments, and vacuum boxes. Our frac tanks provide temporary storage of up to 21,000 gallons of liquid per tank. Additionally tanks can be delievered to your location as needed, saving you headache on your next job.

Where we come in.

Do you need to temporarily store or remove a high volume of a liquid(s) or chemical(s)? 3R, Inc. has what you need! We are offering a number of frac tank for rental.  You can have a frac tank delivered to your location as needed. The tanks can then be placed it in a contained area of space for use. We will also provide disposal and decontamination services for the tank after its use.

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