We offer equipment rental to for servicing environmental contracting and industrial service needs. All motorized equipment comes with one of our technicians to operate. Our equipment for rent includes:

Vacuum Trucks

Our vacuum trucks wet and dry and combination sewer jetters to meet an array of industrial and municipal needs. Our equipment has the capability to vacuum liquids and sludges and pump-off while vacuuming.


Examples include: transferring dry bulk tanker wrecks, blowing lime into silos, moving sand, transferring materials, including from silos and railroad tankers, blowing gravel onto roofs, cleaning sewers, lift stations, heat exchangers, boilers, pipes and tanks and process equipment.

For more information on our vac trucks click here.

Roll Off Trucks

Our roll off trucks can be used for construction debris, sludge, solidified waste and more. We carry both 20 and 30 cubic yard roll off boxes as well as trucks to deliver them. We will deliver them to your location and remove as needed to keep your job moving forward.

Roll Off Truck Box 3R Inc

Many of our clients choose us because they end up unexpectedly needing multiple trips worth of roll off boxes. We offer the flexibility to keep their job moving in taking care of debris and materials from a job site multiple times, ensuring no waste or lost time for your company.

For more information on our roll off boxes or trucks click here.

Frac Tanks

Frac tanks are great for removing a high volume of a liquids or chemicals. Matt Daigle’s article, The Many Benefits of a Frac Tank In Industrial Use, is a great read if you are considering whether or not they are the right piece of equipment for your job.

Frac tank rental

Frac tanks can be used for storage of liquids on-site and are compatible with pumps, dewatering units, filters, chemical treatments, and vacuum boxes. Our frac tanks provide temporary storage of up to 21,000 gallons of liquid per tank. Additionally, tanks can be delivered to your location as needed, saving you a headache on your next job.

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