Emergency Response: Alleviating Disasters is Our Specialty

If you need immediate help contact us at (864) 848-1312, available 24/7.

Since inception, it has been our goal to establish the among the best 24/7 emergency response organizations in the state of South Carolina. This challenge was met head on, calling us to become a greater and more sophisticated as an organization. Through the relentless hard work of our team, we accomplished this lofty goal and services were expanded into North Carolina and Georgia, creating a presence throughout the southeast.

Ready to Respond in a Moment's Notice

We are ready to respond immediately to nearly any emergency response situation. Including a variety of both hazardous and non-hazardous material released on either land or water. From our regional offices, we offer clients rapid response service anywhere in the southeastern United States.

We can place a response team at or near virtually any location in the region within two hours or less.

Put 3R in Your Corner

Our spill response experience is broad and diversified, yet demonstrates a deep level of expertise in handling difficult projects. We have been involved hundreds of spill projects that including spills from trucks, tanker trailers, trains, tanks, industrial sites, airplanes, ships, dredges, pipelines, and more.

Emergency response services offered:

Spilled substances handled have included gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, no. 6 fuel oil, jet fuel, acids, caustics, solvents, PCB, dyes, explosives, and hazardous materials.  On numerous spill projects, the capabilities of our highly trained staff have allowed us to neutralize chemicals on site, converting them from hazardous to non-hazardous material.  By being able to do so, our clients have been spared significant expense in transportation costs and disposal fees for hazardous waste.

3R Emergency Response - 2001 World Trade Center
3R provided emergency response in the wake of 9/11 World Trade Center to help aid the healing of our nation.

When disaster strikes you need a company in your corner with the experience and capacity to respond decisively and effectively. 3R is the company the company for you. To find out more about how 3R can meet remediate your emergency or stand ready when disaster happens, contact us by email at admin@3rinc.com or by phone at (864) 848-1312.