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3R’s equipment and expertise allows us to professionally recover and transfer material of volume-on time and within budget! Our vacuum trucks are 3,000 gallon capacity dry and wet capable.  3R’s liquid ring guzzler can handle hazardous waste and is equipped with dense phase offload system. This allows the vacuum truck to vacuum up material and redistribute the valuable product by pressure offloading dry materials up to 120 ft high. The material is moved by using the airflow from the blower to pressurize the tank, fluidize the material, and convey it with the aid of a fluidizer cone.

The dense phase offload system comes in handy when you want dry product vacuumed up and relocated to another area without opening the truck up. This product can be relocated to conveyors, silos, other tanks or storage devices, and rail cars. 3R has 5,000 gallon vacuum boxes for extra storage if needed. that can be used for fuels and waste water and then pumped  back into the tank it came out of at a later time. Our equipment includes pumps, hose, and fittings to make any transfer or product recovery complete.

If you need material of any sort, liquid or solid, moved or displaced then 3R is the company for you! For a quote or have any questions for us, we can be reached by email at admin@3rinc.com or by phone at (864) 848-1312.


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