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Top 5 Dredging Companies

Dredging is not an easy task. It can take months of planning and years of hard work to get the job done right. During this process, there is plenty that can go wrong if you hire the wrong company. This includes spreading around contaminated soil while dredging – otherwise known as resuspension – which can increase the problems you’re facing. That’s why it’s important to do your homework and hire a company you know can get the job done.


When looking for a marine dredging company, it’s important to look at their history, the type of dredging they offer, and the success stories they have in their portfolio. Although it’s impossible to eliminate every possible issue that may come up in the process, hiring an experienced firm will help minimize the surprises.


If you’re considering dredging, here are the top five companies to take a look at for your project.


Number 1: 3R Inc. – Industrial and Environmental Contractors

3R Inc. tops our list for one main reason: they’ve done it all. With two decades of environmental remediation under their belts, they can handle pretty much any dredging project you throw at them with the latest techniques and equipment.


When hiring a company, dredging may be your number one priority, but hiring a company that offers so many different services will give you the reassurance that the job will be done right no matter what pops up.


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Beyond just dredging, 3R Inc offers Disaster and Emergency Responses, Emergency Waste Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials, Pit and Pipe Cleaning, Grease Traps and Oil/Water Separators, Waste Transportation and Coordination, Remediation, Tank Cleaning and Removal, Sewer Cleaning – and a whole lot more.


As one of the companies on the scene for 9/11, they really have experienced the worst possible cleanup conditions. They’ll be able to handle your dredging project with ease. Don’t take our word for it, check out their premier dredging services for yourself.


Number 2: Norfolk Dredging

If you want history, this company has it. With over 100 years of dredging under its belt, Norfolk Dredging makes the list at number 2. A company with such rich history scores very well, but the reason it’s not the number one company is just that: its history. The current equipment that is deployed is decades old. Although some newer equipment is available, you’ll want to make sure your dredging project is being handled with the right equipment.


Although they have many successful projects listed, there is a reason many companies have popped up over the last half century (including those on this list), and that’s because technology and environmental requirements are constantly changing.


Of course, a company doesn’t stick around this long without doing something right, and Norfolk Dredging does plenty well. Just make sure you do your research to ensure they’ll work for your project.


Number 3: Coastal Dredging Company

Coastal Dredging Company is another dredger that focuses “primarily on wetlands restoration and mitigation, oilfield channels, habitat enhancement, levee construction, pile driving and installation of water control structures.” If you’re in the market for those services, this company may be the one for you.


The website is a little thin, but it does give you a look at the technology they use, and some of the projects they’ve completed. Although they’ve been around for 20 years, they only list past projects that go back about 8 years. This is likely due to the scope of smaller projects they were performing previously.


The company is small in size but does have a good reputation among clients, so it makes our list at number 3.


Number 4: Gulf Dredging

Gulf Dredging is another company with a long history of completing dredging projects. Although they don’t offer as many specialties as 3R Inc., they are great at dredging if that is your main concern.


Their portfolio consists of a number of government and civilian projects, and they do spend a considerable amount of their resources in offshore projects. The only reason they don’t top the list is that they specialize in reclamation and offshore construction, which won’t fit the needs of everyone. It’s a more narrow focus that other’s on the list, and although they’re not as nimble as 3R Inc. in their offerings, they are a more than capable dredging company.


Number 5: Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company

Another company with100-year history rounds out our list. Although GLDD primarily focuses on the Great Lakes, they’ve been the primary company responsible for making sure those waters are navigable to the cargo ships that use it.


The Great Lakes feature a number of unique challenges, including freezing during the winter, that puts GLDD onto this list. This company has a track record that is not only impressive, but they offer a variety of equipment to tackle all scenarios.


No matter what your dredging project calls for, do your research and choose the company that will work for you. Choosing the right company will go a long way to ensuring a successful project!

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