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Hiring a Dredging Consultant: 5 Things to Know

Hiring Dredging Consultant - Mechanical Dredge

If you’re considering marine dredging, there are a significant number of options to choose from. There are also a number of obstacles and difficulties that pop up in any project. The first place to start is with a marine dredging consultant. There are many benefits to dredging, and your consultant will walk you through the whole process, make sure you don’t forget about any details, and help your project to succeed with the fewest surprises.


So what do you look for when hiring a marine dredging consultant? If you don’t know much about dredging, how would you know if the consultant or company you’re looking at is any good? Here are 5 things to look for that will help you make the right choice.


Dredging Experience Matters

A lot of problems can pop-up with dredging. That’s not to scare you, it’s just a reality. You can kick up unwanted contaminants, your dredging equipment may not be able to handle the whole job, and you need to protect wildlife habitats during the process.


Experienced professionals will give you the best shot at avoiding any surprises. Whatever scenario you’re looking at for your marine dredging project, chances are they’ve seen it before. The more you can prepare, the less likely something will go wrong.


Check out their Portfolio

Any reputable company or consultant will have a portfolio of work they can show you. What you’ll want to look for is a range of projects and their outcomes. If the firm only has a few projects that are very narrow in scope, you’ll want to make sure this is exactly the type of scope you’re looking for. If it’s not, they may not have the experience needed to handle your dredging project.


Hiring Dredging Consultant - Pond Exposed to Heavy Sediment Build Up


All dredging is not created equal. A firm that only has small ponds on in their portfolio may be ill-equipped to handle a stream or port project. Looking for a variety of projects and outcomes is the best way to ensure they have the experience needed to overcome any obstacles.


Talk to References

The marine dredging consultant should be able to provide a few clients you can talk to about the project. These clients will be able to give you a real good look at the entire process. A few questions you may want to consider asking:


  • Did the project come in on budget? It’s ok if the project was over budget as surprises do happen. What you want to look for is whether projects consistently come in over budget, and by how much. If references are constantly saying they paid triple the expected costs, that’s a red flag.
  • Was the project completed on schedule? Again, there are many variables here that can cause a project to extend past a scheduled end date. What you’re looking for is how often this happens, and by how much the projects were extended.
  • What was it like to work with the consultant? Get the general sense of what it’s like to work with the people you’re hiring. Are they great communicators? Was there any part of the process the client didn’t like? Large projects are not something you want to work on with a company that has a reputation for being difficult to work with.


If the company or individual is reluctant to offer references, you’ll need to ask why that is. Great companies with great reputations wouldn’t have a problem providing this information. In fact, they’ll often have examples ready to go.


Equipment Matters

Not all dredging is created equally. Different equipment is needed for different types of dredging. We’ve touched a bit on this in the past by pointing out the differences between mechanical and hydraulic dredging.


Find out the various options that are available for your dredging project. One size doesn’t fit all. Some methods of dredging are better than others. There’s a big difference between a backhoe on a barge and a high-tech hydraulic vacuum.


Understanding Pricing

Lastly, understand the pricing. What’s included, what’s not. What cost overruns you should prepare for. What are the best case scenario and worst case scenario costs to your project. The more information you get here, the better prepared you’ll be to handle any surprises.


Our process involves a comprehensive dredging quote that will give you all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision. There’s no obligation, and we’re likely to help steer you in the right direction, even if you choose another firm for the final project. We’re confident you’ll be very happy with what we can offer.


When hiring a marine dredging consultant, make sure you feel comfortable with all the above points. Ask questions, be involved, and you’ll ultimately be able to make the right choice. If you have any questions about the dredging process, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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